specialist factual BAFTA 2020

Matt Huxford

Broadcast Editor

I’ve been an Editor for well over a decade now with a total of thirteen plus years experience in post-production. My career started like many others working my way from making cups of weak tea, through being a technical and Edit assistant to editing long and short form films for major broadcasters like the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five and MTV both in house and for independent companies.


  Through my career I’ve worked on wide ranging and truly enlightening topics, which has given me a solid understanding of how to shape a film towards it’s intended audience whilst taking into account the Channel’s guidelines and editorial policy.

  I’ve collaborated with many talented and smart people to bring their film to the screen. Combining a passion for music and film with a background in illustration and animation I try to bring a strong visual style and narrative structure to whatever the content and budget we are working with.